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About John Williams, Owner and Author Of RC Tech Tips

John Williams is an RC Enthusiast with who loves RC cars, planes, helicopters and drones. He has over 25 years of experience driving and flying RC vehicles. John loves to tinker with his many RC models in his workshop and drive his cars with his nephews. John William's favorite RC truck is the Traxxas Slash, but he also enjoys driving his Arrma Senton, and Axial Crawlers. John got started flying RC airplanes in 1996 and you can see a photo of John and his mom with his first trainer airplane below.

Johns Williams' Experience And Expertise With RC Cars

John has a deep understanding of RC cars, RC car parts and vehicle maintenance. He has posted videos on YouTube that answer a variety of different RC maintenance questions. A few examples of his RC car maintenance experience can be seen in a post about binding a Traxxas TQI transmitter to the receiver. John will walk you through the steps to successfully pair up the remote to a Traxxas receiver. Check out our about us page to learn more about RC Tech Tips and John Williams.
rc crawler jeep on a sandy beach
close up of rc stadium truck in the leaves